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The New York Times took a swipe at Christian pastor Paula White, who was just named as a White House staffer by President Donald Trump to help with faith-based initiatives.

The Times’ reporters issued opinions about White without interviewing White or any other Christian leaders. The Times often harps on Republicans and conservatives as failing to elevate female leaders, yet the paper was unabashed in attacking a female Christian leader.

“Ms. White cannot be easily categorized as either a political asset or a liability,” The Times editorialized. “She has a large following among Christians who believe in the ‘prosperity gospel,’ which teaches that God blesses people he deems to be of strong faith with wealth, good health and other gifts.”

The Times didn’t bother to interview any Christian leaders about White, despite claiming that “many other Christians consider these beliefs to be heresy. And Ms. White’s presence in the top tier of Mr. Trump’s coterie of informal religious advisers has long been a source of contention with many evangelical Christians.” The Times has yet to explain who these “many evangelical Christians” are, especially in light of White’s large following.

Instead of doing actual reporting–The Times’ article include no indication that they’d actually tried to reach White for comment–The Times relied on a secondhand quote from The New York Post.

“Despite this controversy, Ms. White has remained in good standing with Mr. Trump, who invited her to deliver an invocation at his inauguration and has hosted her as a guest at the White House numerous times,” wrote The Times’ Jeremy W. Peters and Maggie Haberman. “In a recent interview with The New York Post to promote her new book, she said she sometimes visits the White House several times a week. In the interview, she spoke admiringly of the president’s intellect. ‘He’s in total control,’ she told The Post. ‘He’s not at all impulsive — he’s so far ahead of everyone, very much a strategic thinker.’”

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