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New York Times reporting showed clear bias against President Donald Trump’s policies on applications for asylum, saying that the Trump administration was “waging a broad assault on the rules determining who can seek asylum in the United States.”

The Trump administration its plans to allow immigrations to apply for asylum at the border only if they prove that they applied and were denied the protections in at least one country they traveled through to arrive at the United States. The Times’ use of the phrase “waging a broad assault” is a clear editorializing that paints the Trump administration’s desire to uphold the rule of law in a negative light.

Times reporters Michael D. Shear and Zolan Kanno-Youngs are supposed to be neutral journalists, yet they implied that the Trump administration might go rogue and close immigration loopholes “ by any means necessary.”

“Mr. Trump and his immigration brain trust — led by Stephen Miller, the chief architect of his border policies — say such a loose policy lures people to the United States. They are determined to break it by any means necessary,” claimed Shear and Kanno-Youngs. Their use of the phrase “any means necessary” is often used in pernicious political contexts to imply that violence would be an option.

The Times did admit that “Few asylum claims are granted — the Trump administration says only 20 percent are, and immigration advocates say some 40 percent are — but both sides agree that immigrants who are ultimately denied asylum often defy deportation orders and stay in the United States illegally.”

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