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NY Times Publishes Fawning Profile of Joe Biden

The New York Times Magazine published a fawning profile of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden [1], offering a list of his selling points and strategies for winning the Democratic primary.

“For voters unnerved by Trump’s conduct in office but not necessarily seeking radical change, he offers vast experience, conciliatory instincts and an empathy rooted in personal anguish,” wrote Times contributor Michael Steinberger.

Steinberger described a Biden book event where the former senator took the occasion to bash President Trump.

“Over 90 minutes, he ended up taking just a handful of questions, all softballs, but he touched on a number of subjects, including why he thought Trump won in 2016. ‘People are scared,’ [Biden] said. ‘People are wondering whether we really care about their plight, those of us who hold public office.” When government fails to respond, he said, voters become ‘susceptible to demagoguery.’”

Steinberger took the entire article to bash Trump, even accusing the president’s son of mocking Biden’s son, Beau, who passed away from cancer.

“The political calculation driving Biden’s campaign — and the main reason he has been assumed by many to be the most electable Democrat — is the belief that the Scranton native can win back enough of those voters to carry Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin and deny Trump a second term,” Steinberger wrote. “Biden and his advisers are convinced that the general election will mostly be a referendum on Trump and his fitness for office.”

Steinberger even offered some free campaign advice on how Biden can hit his Democratic primary sweet spot.

“His three main rivals — Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders — all indicated during the debate that they are in favor of abolishing private insurance, and a number of candidates expressed support for decriminalizing illegal immigration, which opponents contend would create an open border, effectively ceding the moderate lane to Biden. They also gave Biden an opportunity to play up his association with Obama.”