Accuracy in Media

The New York Times ran an interview with Anita Hill about 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and failed to mention basic, important questions that would add more balance and journalistic credibility to the unchallenged assertions by Hill.

The Times’ interview allowed Hill to paint herself as a victim of Biden during her high-profile hearings of claims of sexual harassment. Not surprisingly, given the Times’ bias, rather than giving any response from Clarence Thomas, the person accused of sexually harassing Hill (who was approved for the Supreme Court decades ago and is not running for office) any chance to respond to Hill’s allegations.

And in her piece, the Times’ Katie Glueck chose to ignore the multiple, public allegations by women against Biden–who is currently running for office–that he touched them inappropriately. She also didn’t mention that Biden has come under criticism by some Democrats for his response to the inappropriate touching allegations, which have been called by some as flippant and joking.

Glueck’s story framed the entire Biden-Hill exchanges with the presumption of Thomas’ guilt and also offered no specific examples of mistreatment by Hill, other than that her questioners happened to be white and male in a politically-charged environment.

“Ms. Hill’s testimony in the Thomas hearings and the hostile questioning she faced from an all-white, all-male Senate Judiciary Committee has led to questions this year about former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is leading in early polls for the Democratic presidential nomination, and criticisms that he allowed Ms. Hill to be treated poorly as the committee’s chairman,” Glueck wrote, highlighting Hill’s race as an African-American without mentioning that Thomas is also African-American. Glueck offered no analysis of Hill’s evidence against Thomas or statements from Thomas supporters suggesting that the high-profile judge was mistreated or faced hostile questions from white, male Democrats.

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