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NY Times: ‘No News’ at Trump Event

New York Times pool reporter Katie Rogers claimed there was “no news” at a workforce development event President Trump hosted in Tampa Bay, Florida.

After Trump’s event Tuesday at Tampa Bay Technical High School, Rogers said in her pool report the gathering generated “no news.”

The White House pointed out that Rogers’ subject line for her pool report read “High School departure – friendly crowd, no news.” Her coverage is an example of the lack of attention the mainstream media plays to substantive conservative policy achievements.

For example, the Tampa event included a major announcement by President Trump that 49 Florida businesses have pledged to create apprenticeships and on-the-job training for 155,000 workers. Trump’s event also marked the first reauthorization of the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act since 2006. President Trump signed the bill earlier in the day and presented a copy to the school at the event, which marked how an estimated more than 11 million students are expected to benefit from reauthorization of the bill.

Rogers’ published article [1] about the rally makes no mention of the Perkins act by name and offers no context of its purpose, merely mentioning in passing that the President “signed a piece of workforce legislation, holding up a scrawled piece of paper for all to see.”

“Certainly, these workers and their families would reject Rogers’ claim that the event offered ‘no news,’” the White House said in a statement. “Rogers and any other reporters that missed this good news from President Trump’s event are welcome to look back at the transcript from the remarks. Trump on Perkins CTE Reauthorization: ‘And just this morning, I was very proud to sign a new and improved Perkins Career and Technical Education Act into law.  That was a big deal. … Now, more than 11 million students and workers will have greater access to better training and more jobs. This bill languished for years in Congress.’”