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New York Times reporters Carl Hulse and Jonathan Martin left out an important factor in their analysis “Democrats Strengthen House Takeover Prospects in Primary Voting.”

“The Democratic Party had feared disaster in California, where a quirky ‘jungle primary’ gives the November ballot to the top two finishers, regardless of party,” the Times reported.

“But Democratic contenders there leveraged financial and strategic help from the national party to weather the winnowing primary, and ensure that they will field candidates in multiple districts that they will most likely need if they are to win control in November … Democrats were threatened by an embarrassment of riches in California arising from a strong backlash against Mr. Trump. The environment created a golden opportunity to win a seat in Congress, and the prospect attracted so many contenders in some cases that the party feared the candidates would divide the vote and open the door to Republicans winning the top two slots.”

But the Times didn’t expound on turnout in these key House races, a significant indicator about enthusiasm and the so-called “Blue Wave” that Democrats say is building.

Republican National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel explained this key factor to Fox Business:

“We saw Republicans turning out in droves in six of the seven battleground House seats yesterday, that Democrats were counting on to flip the House,” she said.

“More Republicans turned out than Democrats, and the seventh one was just by a little bit that the Democrats turned out. That ‘blue wave’ yesterday became a ripple, and I’ll tell you why, because the Trump agenda is working across this country, unemployment at a record low. People are feeling better, wages are up, and they want to see the comeback continue, and they’re not going to hand the nation over to the obstruct and resist Democrat party of no.”

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