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The New York Times contradicted itself when it came to public health concerns and crowded protests on police brutality, with one article praising protesters for their bravery while criticizing them in a different article.

The newspaper headlined its concerns about a rise in coronavirus cases, “New Yorkers Flattened the Curve. Now They’re Dropping Their Guard.” The article criticized New Yorkers for flouting social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines from the state and federal government, which spurred government officials to threaten to “reinstate restrictions” to prevent a further spike in coronavirus cases.

It also acknowledged the concern that “recent mass protests against police brutality that have, at times, clogged the city’s streets with tens of thousands of people.” The New York Times added, “Although they have encouraged participants to wear masks, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Mr. Cuomo have fretted about the possibility the protests could fuel the virus’s spread.”

But this article contradicted its other take on crowded public protests.

As Accuracy in Media reported, the New York Times praised Brooklyn protesters who marched over the weekend. The newspaper excused the protest because it was held outside and would not likely spread the virus as easily as in an enclosed, indoor space. It also defended the protesters because “the vast majority” wore masks and safety teams handed out hand sanitizer along the protest route.

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