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The New York Times blamed President Trump for the acrimonious tone between the White House and the national political press corps without any discussion about the unprecedented level of bias against the White House, a level of negativity toward the Trump White House unseen by any of his predecessors.

New York Times reporter Jim Rutenberg wrote in his article, “Should the Press Boycott Trump? Political Strategists Weigh In,” about the White House’s decision to revoke CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta’s credentialing, portraying it as a repression of free speech, without mentioning that many female observers were critical of Acosta’s sexist treatment of a young female White House intern who was following instructions given to her to take the microphone away from Acosta during the press briefing.

“At this point, though, even the White House Correspondents’ Association has not threatened a walkout,” Rutenberg writes, seeming to suggest such a strategy. “The lack of a call to action may have something do with the fact that Mr. Acosta is a somewhat polarizing figure, viewed by some of his press corps colleagues as a showboat. But there is also the risk of a backlash if the reporters were to stay away from the next briefing.”

Rutenberg also posits whether “Reporters could stage a group protest. But that would make them look like they’re at war with the president, just as he always says they are. Or they could do nothing and effectively ‘submit to his authority to determine who gets to hold him accountable,’ as the former Republican presidential strategist Steve Schmidt put it to me in an interview on Friday.”

Rutenberg quotes a Democratic strategist who said that the President calling out media bias is simply a way of “turning out his base” without any acknowledgment that many Trump voters have been extremely frustrated by anti-conservative media bias.

“They don’t need to cover a man who is picking fights with them for the purpose of turning out his base,” [the Democratic strategist] said. “It should be about the Justice Department and trying to thwart the Russia investigation.”

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