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In an article Thursday, NowThis News slammed a new visa rule from the Trump administration regarding the travel of pregnant women to the United States.

The rule is an attempt to discourage “birth tourism,” in which women give birth in the United States so their children obtain citizenship.

NowThis criticized the move, saying the restrictions “fit into the Trump administration’s broader crackdown on immigration.”

It also cited critics who said it would “put pregnant women at risk” and that it was inappropriate for consular officials to ask women if they are pregnant or intend to become pregnant. The website quoted the Associated Press, which said that traveling to the United States to give birth is “fundamentally legal.”

But it also debunked part of its argument when it acknowledged that U.S. authorities “have arrested birth tourism operators for visa fraud or tax evasion in the past.”

NowThis News could not debunk any of the Trump administration’s claims regarding how birth tourism industry “is rife with criminal activity, including international criminal schemes.” The website also failed to cite previous media reports about birth tourism. For example, NowThis News could have cited a 2015 CBS News report, “The booming business of U.S. birth tourism,” where Chinese families traveled to the United States to “give their child the opportunity to secure a U.S. passport.”

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