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President Donald Trump erroneously claimed that his daughter, Ivanka, helped create 14 million jobs in America. NowThis News criticized the president’s remarks in a partisan manner and later compared his job creation numbers to his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The president said, “When she started this, two and a half years ago, her goal was 500,000 jobs. She’s now created 14 million jobs … 14 million from 500,000. Fourteen million and going up.”

Ivanka co-chairs the White House American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which has helped create 6.5 million jobs since Trump took office. President Trump made the job creation claim during a speech to the Economic Club in New York City, New York.

It is common knowledge that Trump tends to embellish the facts in public speeches, but NowThis News criticized Trump for the embellishment. It also included a tweet from a Vox journalist who called Trump’s remarks “absurd,” despite that Vox Media is far from a neutral source of news and analysis.

NowThis compared Trump’s job creation numbers to Obama’s and claimed that the Trump-led economy “created fewer than 6 million jobs since Trump has taken office.” The article claimed that this was “less than what Obama created when he was in office,” and cited a Forbes article to support that claim. However, the link that NowThis News used was a broken link and the information in the Forbes article cannot be verified.

Upon further investigation, a different Forbes article pointed out that Obama created one million more jobs than Trump has at this point in the presidency, which is a significant difference. However, both Forbes and NowThis News did not take into account consumer confidence and how the U.S. economy got back on track after Trump’s election.

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