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NowThis News criticized President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the World Health Organization last week, but it left out contextual information about the WHO’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The website headlined its criticism, “Trump Says U.S. Will End Its Relationship With The World Health Organization.” The article wrote that Trump’s decision to withdraw from the WHO came “despite an ongoing pandemic.” It also mentioned that Trump’s withdrawal came “amid ongoing criticism of his own administration’s response.”

NowThis acknowledged Trump’s quotes about alleged Chinese interference in the WHO’s pandemic response, but it did not mention China’s disinformation and propaganda campaigns. For example, the Chinese government promoted the propaganda that the U.S. military created the coronavirus and spread it among Chinese civilians.

Nor did NowThis News discuss the lack of transparency on coronavirus cases as reported by the Chinese government. The website also left out information that Chinese-made masks, which promised by the Chinese government as a sign of goodwill during the pandemic, were ineffective and poorly-made when shipped to infected countries.

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