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NowThis News maligned President Donald Trump for moving to a White House bunker during contentious protests outside of the White House on Sunday.

The website headlined Trump’s alleged cowardice, “Trump Hid In A Bunker During Protests Before Insulting Governors For Being ‘Weak.’”

The article emphasized the alleged hypocrisy for the president to call several state governors “weak” in a Monday conference call, the day after he spent an hour in a White House emergency bunker.

During the call, Trump told governors to “dominate” the violent protesters and that “most of you are weak” for not standing up to rioters. The website smarmily wrote that the comments came from a president “who hid in a bunker two nights earlier.”

It was an odd choice of wording for NowThis News because it also admitted that the protests outside of the White House led to one of the highest alerts since 9/11 terrorist attacks. The protests also involved protesters throwing bricks and bottles, which can be dangerous projectiles. To call the president a coward was disingenuous due to the dangerous nature of the ongoing protests and riots across the country, which has destroyed multiple businesses and government buildings and defaced monuments.

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