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NowThis News made the unproven claim that President Donald Trump has a history of attempted extortion to sway elections in his favor.

The website headlined its claim, “Trump Makes False Attacks On Vote By Mail And Threatens To Withhold Funding From Two States.”

NowThis News criticized the president for promoting voter fraud theories and telling Michigan and Nevada politicians to not push for vote-by-mail methods for the 2020 general election this fall. It also quoted the New York Times, which said that Trump’s efforts tried to “demonize” vote-by-mail efforts in several states during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Trump has previously attempted extortion to swing elections in his favor,” NowThis wrote. “He was impeached in February 2020 for a scheme in which he threatened to withhold crucial military aid from the country of Ukraine unless prosecutors there fabricated investigations into the family of his 2020 opponent, former VP Joe Biden.” “Trump’s entire presidency has been riddled with inquiries into Russia’s influence on the 2016 election,” the website said.

However, the website left out specific examples of Trump’s alleged “extortion” in elections and the impeachment controversy. NowThis News did not acknowledge that the impeachment vote was on partisan lines in the House of Representatives, but it did not pass in the Senate. It also did not link the impeachment vote to its vote extortion claim. Neither did NowThis News mention that the Russian interference narrative surrounding the 2016 election was based on a now-debunked dossier.

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