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It appears it is easy for the alternative news media to mock President Donald Trump, as Trump tends to go off-script while news cameras are rolling and news reporters huddle to hear what the president has to say. NowThis News was no exception to mocking Trump when it published a video on its website, entitled, “Most Absurd Trump Quotes of 2019.”

Buried in the video was the fact that NowThis News took a list of quotes that CNN had compiled. CNN is far from a neutral and unbiased source and has often aired panel discussions that included contributors who have strong anti-Trump (or “Never Trump”) views.

Among the list of quotes were the following:

  • “I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong-Un.”
  • “I could be the most popular person in Europe.”
  • “Walls work 100%.”
  • “Sleepy Joe and Crazy Bernie,” referring to Democratic Party candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The video, without providing context, published quotes from Trump’s appearance to the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference, where Trump was joking with the audience about the Green New Deal and Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal. Overall, the video painted Trump in a negative light and called the quotes “out-there.”

Although Trump is known for saying many things off-script, which his supporters find entertaining and his detractors find appalling, the video spun these quotes in a negative light. NowThis News also neglected to publish accompanying videos of absurd quotes from Democratic Party candidates such as former vice president Joe Biden, who has made multiple gaffes on the campaign trail in 2019. It was unfair for NowThis News to publish a one-sided video mocking Trump while remaining silent on the gaffes from Democratic Party officials and candidates.

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