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This year will mark the fourth year of the annual, anti-Trump Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

NowThis News published an article that read more like an endorsement about the upcoming march this weekend.

The article, headlined, “Women’s March 2020: What’s In Store After Controversy” and acknowledged the group’s past mistakes. However, the article spoke in generalities and neutralized the negative fallout and impact from the controversies on the group.

Referring to the group’s controversies, NowThis News spoke in generalities and said the following:

“[S]everal of the group’s founding members faced scrutiny in 2019 when they were accused of Anti Semitism and financial mismanagement. Three of the original co-chairs stepped down amid the backlash and were replaced with 17 new leaders representing different races, religions, backgrounds and gender identities. To further quell controversy, the group also surveyed its members twice about the issues they care about most to determine what they should focus on in 2020.”

The allegations of anti-Semitism and financial mismanagement were serious allegations, such as co-chair Tamika Mallory’s public praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrahkan and her attendance at a Nation of Islam event where Farrakhan verbalized anti-Semitic rhetoric. Another co-chair, Linda Sarsour, came under fire for her anti-Israel political views and activism. Both have since resigned, but NowThis News did not mention either controversy in-detail nor the names of the aforementioned co-chairs.

Previously, we reported on NowThis News’s favorable coverage of Women’s March and how a NowThis News video did not mention these controversies. Yet NowThis News chose to praise Women’s March again, adding general statements about the group’s controversies while framing it as a positive step for the group going forward.

The article came off as a ringing endorsement of a politically-active organization, which violates journalistic ethics of neutrality and impartiality. NowThis News should remember journalism is supposed to be politically-neutral, but the website continues to espouse and promote left-leaning politics without apology or embarrassment.

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