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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden “unequivocally” denied that he sexually assaulted a former Senate aide named Tara Reade on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. But NowThis News did not highlight Biden’s lack of transparency when it came to his archives at the University of Delaware.

NowThis News headlined Biden’s denial, “Joe Biden “Unequivocally” Denies Sexual Assault Allegation In First Direct Statement.” Biden said that the alleged sexual assault “unequivocally, it never, never happened.” He added that he “did not remember any complaints” from his Senate days. None of his staff corroborated Reade’s story, but Biden also failed to address other individuals’ statements that confirmed aspects of Reade’s allegations.

The website noted that Biden is willing to have the National Archives find any potential corroborating documents about Reade’s allegations that she filed a complaint about the alleged sexual assault. “There is only one place a complaint of this kind could be — the National Archives,” Biden wrote in a Medium post. “The National Archives is where the records are kept at what was then called the Office of Fair Employment Practices,” he said.

Biden added, “I am requesting that the Secretary of the Senate ask the Archives to identify any record of the complaint she alleges she filed and make available to the press any such document. If there was ever any such complaint, the record will be there.”

But NowThis News did not address Biden’s archives that are being categorized and catalogued at the University of Delaware. The university said that the archives are not open to the public and that the cataloguing will be completed sometime in 2021. Yet NowThis News did not criticize Biden over a lack of transparency and his insistence not to open the university archives to the public.

He insisted that any potential evidence of Reade’s complaint and allegations would only be found in the National Archives and not in his archives at the University of Delaware. The lack of transparency about his university archives stirred questions of whether Biden is hiding information at the University of Delaware.

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