Accuracy in Media

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) officially dropped out of the 2020 Democratic Party primaries after failing to win her home state of Massachusetts on Super Tuesday. NowThis News published a glowing tribute of Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign with the headline, “#ThankYouElizabeth: Warren Drops Out, and Tributes Come Pouring In.

The article highlighted the “gratitude” that poured in on social media after Warren announced the end of her campaign and immediately criticized former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as “a billionaire who had no business being in the race.” The latter was a biased claim levied against Bloomberg and which claim also ignored the freedom of the American political system, where Americans have the opportunity to run for a political campaign if they want to.  It was a clear example of favoritism towards Warren and bias against Bloomberg.

NowThis News also injected emotion into the article, noting Warren’s “seemingly endless energy” and how she represented female voters who “are still reeling from the 2016 election.” It did not cite a source for those emotions but published them anyway.

The summary neglected to mention the multiple missteps that dogged Warren’s campaign, such as her DNA test and a dust-up with Native American tribes over her past claims of Native American ancestry or lack of details about paying for “Medicare for All” legislation. NowThis News focused on the emotional appeal of her campaign without providing appropriate context.

Overall, NowThis News injected emotions into its article about the end of Warren’s presidential campaign and failed to provide sourced information or accurate reporting to its readers.

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