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NowThis News made the dubious claim that President Donald Trump’s “Obamagate” theory was “unfounded,” despite recent evidence hinting that there is some credibility to it.

The website headlined Obama’s response to the Trump administration’s recent actions, “Obama Says Trump’s COVID-19 Response Has Been An “Absolute Chaotic Disaster.” NowThis News reported on the former president’s criticism of the Trump administration over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and Flynn perjury case. Obama said that the Trump administration’s pandemic response was “an absolute chaotic disaster” while reiterating his support for Joe Biden. But when it referred to the Flynn perjury case, the website claimed that Trump was “repeating his unfounded theory” that Obama was involved in the Flynn case.

NowThis News did not support their “unfounded theory” claim in the article. The website did not include evidence that the former national security advisor Michael Flynn may have been set up by the FBI, such as text messages from FBI agent Peter Strzok urging agents to keep the case open. Before Strzok’s intervention, the case was about to be closed since FBI investigators determined their review “did not yield any information” about Flynn’s alleged collusion with the Russian government.

Nor did NowThis News acknowledge that an FBI official asked whether the goal of the FBI was to get Flynn to lie or to get him fired. For NowThis News to say that it was an “unfounded theory” was dishonest because there is some evidence to prove that Flynn may have been unfairly targeted by the Obama administration.

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