Accuracy in Media

NowThis News published an article that claimed women and indigenous people are the most affected by climate change.

The article, headlined, “Study Says Climate Change Has Increased Violence Against Women,” was based on a study that concluded that women and indigenous people suffer most in less developed countries whose natural resources have dwindled due to climate change.

It also said that climate change has led to an increase in sexual assault, domestic violence and forced prostitution. The International Union for Conservation of Nature, which conducted the study, is the “global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it.

 The group is a “membership union” composed of 1,300 government and civil society organizations and 15,000 experts. The organization’s research briefs indicate that it is an environmental group concerned about biodiversity, climate change and ecosystems.

The study claimed it was able to link gender-based violence to climate change.

In academic research, studies are tested and repeated to verify whether a study’s claims can be replicated, and therefore is a valid study. There are multiple studies on the same subject, but it was unclear why NowThis News covered this specific study when there are other studies (such as this one from the United Nations) available.

NowThis News presented the study as new information, even though it is a well-researched topic in the academic world. 

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