Accuracy in Media

NowThis News covered climate change-related news and attempted to indoctrinate viewers on the “climate crisis.” The alternative news website produced a video on their top six buzzwords on the climate crisis for viewers.

The six buzzwords that NowThis News highlighted were greenhouse gases, renewable energy, 1.5 degrees, Paris agreement, carbon tax, and decarbonizing. Each of the buzzwords was accompanied with a brief explanation from NowThis News’s host, Lucy Biggers. Biggers, a NowThis News contributor, specifically focuses on environmental sustainability and climate change.

Skeptics disagree on many of the six buzzwords that NowThis News discussed. For example, carbon taxes, though well-intentioned, is not a fool-proof policy to limit carbon emissions. France recently put a gang of carbon tax scammers on trial for skimming hundreds of millions of euros through the use of fake shell companies. Also, carbon taxes could incentivize companies to pay more to emit more carbon emissions, which could be counterproductive for the environment.

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