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NowThis News, after its recent debacle covering anti-Semitic rhetoric from a pro-Palestinian activist, moved on without further comment to cover the news cycle from its progressive viewpoint. NowThis News, the rest of alternative media, and the mainstream media, created a sense of fear and tension when the gun rights group, Virginia Citizens Defense League announced it will hold to its longtime tradition to protest outside of the Virginia state capitol building in Richmond.

After the VCDL’s announcement, members of white supremacist and other fringe groups said they would attend the rally, which spurred intense media attention. Virginia’s Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, declared a temporary state of emergency in case the rally became violent.

NowThis News covered the state of emergency declaration but ignored what happened the day of the rally. Despite the media’s predictions of violence similar to the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia protest (in which a woman died), no violence occurred. A single person was arrested for allegedly ignoring a police officer’s order to not wear a mask in public, but no single act of violence took place.

Although NowThis News acknowledged the reasons behind VCDL’s rally, which was to protest the Democrat-majority Virginia legislature’s pro-gun control legislative proposals, it did not publish a follow-up article to note that no violence took place. In short, NowThis News joined in with the media’s rhetoric that the rally would end in violence, but declined to admit that the rally was peaceful and nothing controversial came from it.

Photo by Anthony Crider

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