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NowThis News made the erroneous claim that conservatives were wrong to call out Big Tech’s “so-called suppression of conservative ideas.”

The website headlined its disbelief about Big Tech’s alleged censorship, “Trump Threatens To “Close Down” Social Media After Twitter Fact-Checks Him.”

The article blasted President Donald Trump’s criticism of Twitter, which criticism focused on the social media platform’s fact-check of a claim about voter fraud in mail-in ballots. It cited several liberal personalities on Twitter and dismissed Trump supporters’ criticism of “Big Tech’s so-called suppression of conservative ideas.”

NowThis News failed to report on the anti-Trump leanings of one of its employees in charge of Twitter’s online security.

The employee in question, Yoel Roth, is Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity” and has a history of anti-Trump statements. For example, he called Trump a “racist tangerine” in 2016 and had also said that the Trump White House was full of “actual Nazis.”

The website also ignored at least one other example of Big Tech’s anti-conservative bias. Last summer, several Republican senators urged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Big Tech for content algorithms that appeared to limit the reach of politically conservative content or conservative accounts.

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