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With the mainstream media focused on the impeachment trial in the Senate, President Donald Trump signed a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, both of which are major trading partners for the United States. NowThis News, an alternative media website, acknowledged Trump’s achievement in negotiating a new trade deal and yet it could not give him all the credit.

The website chose the title, “What is USMCA? Behind The Trade Deal Trump Just Signed Into Law,” but it was anything but fair to Trump. It correctly noted that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) replaced the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, which was ratified in 1993 by all three countries.

It also outlined the benefits for the United States economy, such as “more access to Canada’s agriculture market and requiring that at least 40 percent of vehicle production be done by workers who earn at least $16 per hour, which is more than double the federal minimum wage.” The website went as far as to say that the USMCA is “an improvement on NAFTA because it strengthens labor laws and includes new benefits for the technology sector.”

However, NowThis News did not miss a beat in criticizing the president’s trade deal, or at least the optics of the signing ceremony. The website pointed out that after “months of tense negotiations,” Democratic lawmakers “eventually supported the bill after revisions” in order to pass the bill.

But it cited House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that no Democrats were invited to the signing ceremony at the White House.

Usually, bipartisan deals between Congress and the White House means that lawmakers from both parties attend a photo op at the White House, where the president will sign the bill into law.

What made this ceremony different was the absence of Democratic lawmakers and NowThis News insinuated that it was a poor decision for Trump to exclude them from the event.

NowThis News should have included some possible reasons behind the snub, primarily that the Democratic Party was behind the two impeachment votes in Congress.

Trump made it clear multiple times that he believed that impeachment was an unfair political ploy by the Democratic Party, which would make sense that he would not invite the lawmakers responsible for the impeachment votes. NowThis News did not address any of the possible reasons and instead, left it up to the reader to figure out why no Democratic lawmakers were in attendance at the USMCA signing ceremony.

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