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NowThis News found a way to link recent sexual assault allegations against former vice president Joe Biden to President Donald Trump. Biden is facing allegations that he inappropriately touched a former Senate aide named Tara Reade in 1993, which his campaign denied that the incident took place.

The website headlined the issue, “What To Know About The Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden.” The accuser, Reade, has conducted several interviews in various media outlets to counter media skepticism. For example, the New York Times admitted that it took nineteen days to publish anything on the subject until it finished its own investigation.

Yet NowThis News linked Reade’s allegations against Biden to past allegations against President Donald Trump. The website wrote, “President Donald Trump, Biden’s opponent in the general election race, has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by at least 24 different women.”

Though it was relevant information on the topic of sexual assault allegations, the focus of the piece was on Biden’s allegations and not Trump. It also failed to mention the details of the various allegations against Trump and whether the allegations were still in the legal system.

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