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NowThis News joined ABC News in criticizing President Donald Trump for awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

First lady Melania Trump awarded the medal to Limbaugh during Trump’s State of the Union address this week.

Limbaugh announced this week that he is battling lung cancer and will miss some time from his long-running conservative radio show, “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” NowThis News said Limbaugh is “a right-wing radio host known for having sexist and racist views” and said that Limbaugh is “unapologetic for his racist and sexist views.” It listed several examples, such as calling abortion advocate Sandra Fluke a “slut.” The website failed to tell its readers that Limbaugh has since apologized for insulting Fluke.

NowThis News compared Limbaugh’s comments to the list of medal recipients, such as Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., to name a few. The website’s article also quoted Trump’s remarks about Limbaugh, but it did not offer any other defense or counter-argument to its claims that Limbaugh was a racist and a sexist.

Journalists should back up their claims with evidence or quotes from both sides of the political aisle or issue, but in this case, NowThis News failed to offer a fair defense of Limbaugh’s words or his legacy. Instead, its audience read a biased article that portrayed Limbaugh in a negative light.

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