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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace insulted President Trump in her coverage leading up to tonight’s State of the Union Address. Wallace used a lewd and sexually suggestive analogy.

“And I think this president walks in there and may as well deliver the speech on his knees,” Wallace said. “Because that is where he is politically. he is so weak that republicans are now saying please don’t declare a national emergency because you will be rebuked, we will vote with the democrats in opposing your wall. He is so weakened by the constant scandal. His long-time ally–and you did a great interview with chris christie last night–is talking about how the southern district of New York is basically a flashing red light, representing a grave legal threat to this president. It’s spilling out all over.”

Later in the preview, Wallace tried to walk back her statements and claim she was speaking “metaphorically,” and “politically,” yet her words follow her previous statement calling for an MSNBC colleague to wring the neck of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

On CNN, Jake Tapper tried to throw shade on the president following Trump’s speech, calling the president “combative,” and his CNN colleague Anderson Cooper said it would take hours and days to fact check the president for false claims he made in the speech that honored military veterans, called for a strong national defense and increased funding for fighting childhood cancer.

Neither CNN anchor challenged the inflammatory assertions by CNN contributor Van Jones that the president’s speech was “psychotically incoherent speech” mixing “cookies” and “dog poop.”

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