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The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) gave National Leadership Awards to Rep. Maxine Waters and other Democrats, choosing not to honor any black conservatives from Congress or a White House administration that has presided over the strongest employment figures among black Americans. Waters used her acceptance speech to attack President Trump and call for his impeachment and was cheered by the NNPA audience.

“I knew that this president should not be in the White House when I saw him, and the way that he conducted himself in the primary campaign,” Waters said.

“No, I don’t like him. Yes, I have worked against him. No, I didn’t go to his inauguration. No, I didn’t go to his State of the Union. No, I do not go to the White House. No, I do not engage with him,” Waters said. “All I want for him and about him is to be impeached and get him out of the White House.”

Waters said that if somehow Trump were removed from office, she would also attack Mike Pence.

“I say knock off the first and go after the second,” Waters said.

NNPA describes itself as a “trade organization representing America’s more than 220 African American-owned newspapers — with more than 22 million weekly subscribers,” and the NNPA began the Leadership Awards in 2014 to “honor individuals who are national leaders in their specific fields and whose actions have helped to improve the quality of life for African Americans and others.”

But the NNPA didn’t name any Republican awardees, even though black leaders like Ben Carson have been working to build entrepreneurship opportunities for black Americans. Entrepreneur magazine reported that “2018 Is Shaping Up as a Pivotal Year for African-American Entrepreneurship.”

Waters’ fellow Democratic award recipient Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) also denounced Trump.

“I promise that I have not given up on impeachment,” Green said. “We have a president who is not only unfit for the presidency but a man who is unfit for any office in the United States of America.”

Award recipient Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) also promised that “If the [midterm] election goes the way it seems like it is, you will have the best years of your lives going forward.” Yet Clyburn didn’t mention that when Democrats held Congress and adopted the Dodd-Frank financial regulation, research showed their actions that accelerate the decline of community banks, including black-owned banks, which lend to the black community.

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