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The New York Times consistently criticized the Trump administration for its pandemic response, but it has not done the same with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The newspaper headlined the rise in estimated nursing home deaths, “New Count Reveals 1,600 More Nursing Home Deaths in N.Y.”

The article summarized that New York state health officials estimated an additional 1,600 deaths in nursing homes were due to the coronavirus. The total shot up to 4,813 dead in nursing homes since May 3. Overall, nursing home deaths due to the virus account for almost a quarter of the total virus death toll in New York.

But the New York Times did not mention Cuomo’s order forced nursing homes and facilities to accept patients who tested positive for the coronavirus. On March 25, Cuomo said that New York nursing homes must admit coronavirus-positive patients and his administration has not rescinded the order.

Cuomo admitted that nursing homes are “the feeding frenzy for this virus,” but has not taken steps to mitigate the virus’s spread in nursing homes, such as rescinding his initial nursing home order.

The newspaper has a clear bias in favor of Cuomo by not laying the blame on Cuomo for potentially causing more nursing home deaths in New York. The New York Times previously ignored the governor’s remark for anti-lockdown protesters to “get a job” instead of protesting his pandemic response.

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