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The New York Times has not reported on the news that Planned Parenthood improperly claimed $80 million in coronavirus relief loans from the federal government.

The Trump administration, under the Small Business Administration, asked Planned Parenthood affiliates to return loans meant for small businesses. The federal agency discovered that the affiliates were ineligible for loans under the Paycheck Protection Program’s rules, which were intended to limit the distribution of funds.

In technical terms, small business and nonprofit organizations that had fewer than 500 employees could apply and receive forgivable loans.

Planned Parenthood argued that its affiliates had fewer than 500 employees and qualified for the loans. The Small Business Administration disputed the national organization’s defense and demanded that its affiliates return the loans to the federal agency.

But the New York Times did not publish a single story on the controversy.

The mainstream media outlets that reported on the news, in addition to NPR, were Fox News, the Washington Post and USA Today.

CBS News, CNN, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal did not cover the story.

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