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New York Times’ David Brooks Says President Trump Personifies Evil

Often, progressive and anti-Trump conservative commentators bemoan the state of our civic discourse, saying that the president has degraded American politics through name-calling and personal attacks. Yet when these critics of the president engage in such behavior, it is for a righteous and moral cause. Such was the case this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” when New York Times writer David Brooks said that that President Trump is the embodiment of evil and not a single host or fellow guest batted an eye.

“What do you believe the cause of that moral crisis has been?” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked Brooks, who was on the show to hawk his latest book.

“It’s a culture of individualism, a culture that says ‘It’s all about me, it’s all about self,” Brooks responded. “It’s a rise of narcissism. And so people, when you have a culture that says ‘I can make myself happy,’ when you have a culture that says ‘I can find my own truth,’ then what you get is you weaken the bonds between people and you sort of let the ego, which is part of our consciousness, take over and the relations of the heart and soul sort of wither away.”

Brooks then, unchallenged by the MSNBC table, claimed that people who “just radiate joy” are those who are able to “to get away from all the evils that Donald Trump personifies.”

“And so, I have noticed so many people in our culture who are just joyous, they just radiate joy,” Brooks said. “And what have those people done? They’ve done three things, one, they’ve rejected the ego individualism from our culture, second, they’ve sunk deep into themselves and, third, they’ve just given themselves away.

“I’ve spent the last year traveling the country looking at people who are building community, who are healing the divides in the society. And those people just radiate joy. And they’re not doing it for ego, they’re not doing it for money, they’re not doing it for celebrity. They’re doing it because they want to live in right relationship with other people and they want to feel that their soul is fulfilled.

“And those people have been the model to me. And we just have to get away from all the evils that Donald Trump personifies, frankly, and get to the virtues and the way of life they personify, and that’s how renewal in this country is going to come.”