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NBC News reporter Benjy Sarlin showed a clear bias in his reaction to special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement today announcing he was leaving the public sector to return to private life. Aside from that career move, Mueller didn’t say anything that wasn’t in his report, yet Sarlin projected his own interpretation that Mueller was secretly gunning for Congress to impeach Trump.

“You know that scene in The Incredibles where Mr. Incredible tells an old lady how he can’t possibly help her with her insurance claim and she definitely shouldn’t fill out this specific form and take it to this specific office,” Sarlin wrote on Twitter before highlighting statements from Congressional Democrats and Republican Justin Amash implying they wish to continue investigating and possible impeachment proceedings.


Sarlin and the members of Congress he pointed to are ignoring that by a nearly 20-point margin, Americans are opposed to impeaching President Trump, according to polling by the Washington Post and ABC News.

Former George W. Bush White House spokesman Ari Fleischer correctly summarized what Mueller actually said and did today:

“Mueller is the anti-Comey.  He wants no PR. He doesn’t seek nor does he need the spotlight.  He won’t write any op-eds. He lets his work speak for itself. And today he made no new news, other than announcing he is returning to the private sector.”

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