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NBC News headline about Trump’s rally crowd size and alleged attendance sabotage from TikTok users did not match the facts nor reality, but the outlet published the misleading headline anyway.

The news outlet headlined the issue, “After Trump rally falls flat, TikTok teens take a victory lap for fake reservation campaign.”

The article highlighted claims that TikTok users and social media users sabotaged the attendance figures for President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.

It credited TikTok user Mary Joe Laupp and others for promoting the idea of reserving tickets for the rally to inflate the rally’s expected crowd size to try to publicly humiliate Trump. When local authorities said that the rally’s attendance was below half capacity for the rally venue, these users took credit for the debacle.

But NBC News debunked its own headline further down in the article.

At least six paragraphs into the article, the news outlet admitted that “there was no cap to the tickets available” and that none of the users could point to valid data to show that their attempted sabotage campaign worked. Yet NBC News quoted the users’ self-congratulatory praise who “took pride in the fact so many of them came together in an attempt to troll the president.”

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