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NBC News gave a platform for three impeachment trial managers — all Democratic Party lawmakers from the House of Representatives in an article published Thursday.

The article discussed the Democratic Party’s point of view on impeachment with Reps. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), Sylvia Garcia (Texas) and Val Demings (Fla.).

NBC News highlighted how the lawmakers represent diversity and that they were the first three women to serve as impeachment managers in U.S. history.

Lofgren was the first female manager selected for the impeachment trial, Demings was the first black woman, and Garcia was the first Hispanic to serve in this specific role.

The other representatives echoed similar anti-Trump rhetoric, such as Lofgren telling NBC that the current trial is not fair for her party and “an acquittal won’t amount to an exoneration of the president.”

Instead, she claimed that a possible acquittal would be considered “a rubber stamp just to get him off the hook.” NBC News also quoted Rep. Garcia saying that if Trump is acquitted, the American public will call the impeachment trial a “rigged trial.”

NBC News neglected to elaborate on why impeachment was necessary and what the two impeachment articles are. It instead focused on the political narrative from the Democratic Party.

After extensively quoting the Democratic lawmakers, NBC News did not cite the GOP’s counter-argument to the impeachment trials and nor did it go into detail of how impeachment trials were all partisan and political maneuvers. For example, the first American president to be impeached, Andrew Johnson, was impeached due to his opposition to a strong wing of his own political party. President Bill Clinton was also impeached along party-line votes, but like Johnson, he was not impeached by a Senate trial.

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