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Despite the media’s fervor in covering the impeachment proceedings in Congress, the American public is split on whether impeachment is right to pursue. NBC News recognized the lack of widespread support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump by way of low attendance for pro-impeachment protests across the country.

NBC News’s article attempted to portray the protests in a significant manner, running with the favorably-worded headline, “Modest but passionate turnout at pro-impeachment rallies.”

Instead of focusing on low attendance numbers, NBC News’s headline highlighted the passion of protesters. It did not have to acknowledge that protesters have passion to begin with, as protesters dedicate time to protesting rather than participating in other endeavors.

But NBC News did not ask why there was “modest” turnout at the pro-impeachment protests, instead, quoting multiple attendees at various rallies about their reasons to participate in the weeknight rally. If NBC News did their research, they would have found that the majority of Americans are split on impeachment.

According to multiple polls, there is no widespread consensus on impeachment. RealClearPolitics averaged multiple polls on impeachment and found the difference between pro- and anti-impeachment to be 0.9 percent. Of the 11 polls that RealClearPolitics cited, three polls found the pro-impeachment support in the majority. Two polls were tied on the question of impeachment, and six polls found that anti-impeachment support was in the majority.

NBC News’s attempt to portray pro-impeachment protesters as “passionate,” despite the reality that the American public is split on the issue, was an exercise in partisanship and lack of context. NBC News should have included polling information and how divided the country is on impeachment, instead of relying on its own impeachment narratives.

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