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NBC News praised the leadership of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and contrasted Cuomo’s response to the coronavirus to that of President Donald Trump. It was clear which politician NBC News preferred in its article on the coronavirus crisis management.

The news outlet headlined the leadership differences, “In coronavirus crisis, Cuomo and Trump show contrast in leadership.” NBC News compared Cuomo’s comment that he “welcomed accountability for his extraordinary measures” to Trump’s statement that he doesn’t “take responsibility at all” for the federal government’s coronavirus response.

The article blamed Trump for not taking the blame for “testing missteps that have increased the devastation wrought by coronavirus” without acknowledging the federal bureaucracy’s mistakes. Though the responsibility falls on Trump’s shoulders, bureaucrats at the CDC and FDA deserve some blame.

Reason reported that they “stymied private and academic development of academic tests that might have provided an early warning and a head start” on controlling the outbreak. Both the CDC and FDA refused to approve an academic’s coronavirus tests because the tests had not gone through proper testing regulations under their purview. Instead, the CDC said that their diagnostic test would be the only test used by public health officials, but that diagnostic test was flawed and ineffective.

Also, NBC News quoted a former Cuomo strategist who praised Cuomo’s “ruthlessly direct, faithful to the facts” demeanor during the crisis. It did not quote any sources that praised Trump’s leadership, but only quoted sources that complimented the New York governor.

NBC News’s article went in-depth on Cuomo’s response, but it did not detail the Trump administration’s response as much as Cuomo’s. The article clearly favored Cuomo, and it is important to note that NBC News is headquartered in New York City, New York, which is under Cuomo’s jurisdiction. There could be potential bias from NBC News towards Cuomo as Cuomo’s actions directly affect NBC News’s staff and operations.

The NBC News article demonstrated some bias in favor of Cuomo, and not Trump, which was not a fair comparison due to the amount of words and quotes focusing on Cuomo’s actions. It should have gone more in-detail about Trump’s response to provide a balanced and fair take on executive leadership.

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