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NBC News interviewed Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam about the current state of race relations in the U.S. and the news outlet failed to mention the governor’s hypocrisy when it comes to racial sensitivity.

During the interview, NBC News reporter Geoff Bennett asked Northam if he believed he was not in a photo wearing blackface in a medical college yearbook. Northam brushed the question aside and said that the state had done its due diligence in investigating the controversial photo.

“We’ve had two very thorough investigations,” Northam said, “And those investigations showed no evidence of me being in the picture.”

Northam pivoted the conversation to race relations, how “Black oppression” exists and that it is “alive and well” in the U.S.

NBC News’s segment summarized Northam’s blackface scandal when in 2019, a college yearbook photo allegedly showed Northam wearing blackface next to a person in a Ku Klux Klan costume. But NBC News failed to explicitly tell viewers of Northam’s history during a conversation about race relations.

The news outlet could have asked a question about how viewers and voters could trust Northam on race relations when he flip-flopped on the blackface photo, but it did not. Instead, NBC News stuck to questions about Northam’s alleged blackface photo and did not follow-up on how Northam could gain the trust of black Americans after the scandal.


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