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NBC News blasted several Republican governors for not considering a second economic shutdown as coronavirus cases are on the rise, but it failed to acknowledge how the first economic shutdown led to unforeseen effects.

The news outlet headlined its concern about rising coronavirus cases, “Florida, Arizona and Texas set records for new COVID-19 cases.”

The article noted that Florida, Arizona, and Texas “set records” for new coronavirus cases and criticized their Republican governors for not considering a second shutdown. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey were not considering a second economic shutdown for various reasons, such as better testing and preparation to handle the virus, the need for society and the economy to function, and that people should take greater precautions when in public.

NBC News did not mention how the first economic shutdown led to unemployment numbers in the tens of millions, with at least 35 million Americans unemployed during the pandemic. The news outlet also did not acknowledge that hospital procedures to shut down “elective procedures” could have worsened patient’s health, such as diabetes treatments, knee replacements, and mammogram screenings. The first shutdown also led to a significant hospital staff furloughs and layoffs, due to the restriction of elective procedures in hospitals. NBC News failed to point out that the lockdown exacerbated mental health issues and put domestic violence victims more at risk.

Adding to that, NBC News did not include criticism of Democratic governors and how they mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic. For example, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing homes executive order led to more deaths among nursing home residents when compared to other states. His office reversed the order several weeks later amid growing criticism.

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