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NBC News recently backtracked on its criticism of hydroxychloroquine during the coronavirus pandemic, after blasting President Donald Trump for taking the drug over the past several months.

The news outlet headlined its latest take on the drug, “Hydroxychloroquine is not dead yet.”

NBC News criticized Trump for touting and taking the drug although it had “fallen out of favor and public view.” But then the article cited several doctors and medical experts on how hydroxychloroquine is believed to be more effective in preventing coronavirus infection. It is also believed that the drug may not help in the treatment of infected patients, but “could still play a role… in preventing COVID-19 infection.”

For example, one expert told NBC News, “The reason I say I don’t think it’s a nail in the coffin is that, fortunately, they didn’t find any serious adverse effects … no one’s actually being killed by hydroxychloroquine and that’s what I think puts a nail in the coffin.”

NBC News’ about-face on hydroxychloroquine is notable because the news outlet consistently criticized the president for taking an unproven drug to prevent infection. Last month, NBC News claimed that it was dangerous for Trump to promote the drug without its effectiveness being well-documented, tested, or proven. It said that Trump’s example could spur Americans to also take the drug, which could be dangerous for health reasons.

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