Accuracy in Media

NBC News’s focus on climate change and its effects are apparent in an article on Greenland headlined, “An island imperiled.”

The article quoted multiple native Greenland residents at length and continued the climate change rhetoric that the world must act now on climate change or else places like Greenland will melt into the sea.

Greenland is under the stewardship of Denmark and is located in the frigid northern hemisphere. But, as NBC News reported, Greenland’s glaciers and ice formations are melting. NBC News included a diagram which showed the 10-mile distance of melted glaciers and ice from 2000-2016.

The melting of ice and glaciers ended up benefitting fishing and tourism industries, for the most part. But that information was buried in the article as the news outlet solely focused in on the negative effects of climate change. Only in one paragraph in the first half of the article mentioned this, and then several paragraphs at the end were dedicated to the economic benefits from the changing weather.

As a part of the story-telling aspect of the article, NBC News quoted one individual runs a dog-sled tourism shop, but due to the warmer weather, he may have to sell off his sledding dogs because it is difficult to run a dog-sled service in warmer weather due to costs of training and feeding the dogs.

NBC News also ignored historical information, which was that Greenland once was much greener than it is today. The popular conception is that the Viking settlers named the island “Greenland” to attract more settlers, but National Geographic suggested that the island could have been much greener in the time of the Viking settlers than previously known.

In short, the article focused on the stories of the Greenland natives and the melting ice, but not how it has benefited some of the natives by boosting its tourism and fishing industries.

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