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NBC News delicately tiptoed and avoided using the word “anarchy” to describe Seattle’s autonomous zone, known as CHAZ or CHOP.

The news outlet did not use the words “anarchy” or “anarchist” a single time in the course of an article about the autonomous zone.

The news outlet headlined the impending dissolution of the autonomous zone, “Officials tell protesters to leave Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone.’”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who once said that the zone was going to be a “summer of love,” said that the zone will be emptied in the coming days. Seattle police chief Carmen Best did not give a firm timeline on the dissolution of the autonomous zone and her department’s return to the abandoned police precinct building located in the autonomous zone.

The announcements came after there were two shootings in the autonomous zone and one leading to a fatality.

NBC News interviewed zone occupants and volunteers, which praised the organizers’ attempts to create change by occupying several city blocks in Seattle. But the news outlet did not have a single use of the words “anarchy” and “anarchist,” which would accurately describe the autonomous zone’s status. Nor did NBC News acknowledge the benefits of an organized government compared to the autonomous zone’s anarchical status.

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