Accuracy in Media

Despite the media’s criticism of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, NBC News published an analysis that said Trump “may have flattened the political curve” of the virus.

“Flattening the curve” is the scientific term used to describe the slowing of the virus’s spread by quarantines and other similar actions.

NBC News headlined the issue, “How Trump may have flattened the political curve of coronavirus” and described that after his slow response to the coronavirus, he has flipped the script. Having declared a national emergency to the pandemic, Trump could not only help slow the virus’s spread, but help instill calmness into the economy and the minds of the American people.

But the news outlet did not refrain from criticizing the president, saying Trump “had done nothing to reverse a rally on Wall Street” despite Wall Street’s market rebound occurring at the same time of his remarks declaring a national emergency.

The analysis also noted bipartisan support in Congress to pass a coronavirus relief legislation and it concluded that his move to declare a national emergency “is a victory for him.”

NBC News’s analysis was not misleading and it was a fair analysis of Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a rare admission from the news outlet to praise the president for his actions, a stark contrast to the multiple criticisms it has published in the past. NBC News should publish fair analyses such as this one and stop relying on negative analyses to drive website traffic or clicks and reader engagement.

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