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The ongoing impeachment trial in the Senate marked its second week, with Democratic Party impeachment managers speaking before the Senate last week and the Trump defense team starting their rebuttals over the weekend. But, according to NBC News, the impeachment trial is too boring for Americans to watch on television.

In its article, “As impeachment trial enters second week, some Americans are changing the channel,” NBC News interviewed multiple people across the United States about their opinions of the impeachment trial, which confirmed that Americans are bored of impeachment.

One woman in Arizona told NBC News that although she disagrees with President Donald Trump’s policies, she has become more interested in her daily life than the impeachment trial.

“[S]he was exhausted…[t]he facts seemed blurred, and her interest began to fade,” NBC News said.

NBC News interviewed a Las Vegas resident, who said she lost interest in the impeachment trial after listening to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) make his argument for impeaching Trump.

Democrats “are going after [Trump] because they don’t like him,” she said.

The news outlet concluded that Americans lost interest in the impeachment trial because some were already set in their political beliefs (either opposing Trump or supporting Trump), they believed the GOP-majority Senate will eventually acquit Trump, or that time would be better spent focusing on the 2020 election instead of the impeachment trial.

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