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MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski has not been penalized by MSNBC after making an anti-gay slur on the air yesterday during Morning Joe.

The hypocrisy was pointed out by Sarah Palin on Twitter, where she linked to an article with the tweet “MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Uses Homophobic Slur on National TV, Network Tries to Cover It Up, Refuses to Punish Her.”

The controversy began when G.E. Anderson, a photographer and writer, pointed out the slur, tweeting: “.@morningmika just asked if Mike Pompeo is a ‘wannabe dictator’s butt boy,’ as homophobic a term as I’ve heard on national morning television. @MSNBC tried and failed to censor it, and did not transcribe her remark in the closed captioning. #journalism

Brzezinski responded to Anderson via Twitter, “Totally agree with you -SUPER BAD choice of words .. I should have said  ‘water boy’… like for football teams or something like that.. apologize to @SenatorDurbin too! SO SORRY!”

Richard Grenell, who is President Trump’s ambassador to Germany and openly gay, weighed in on the controversy, tweeting: “Outrageous. This is totally unacceptable & deeply disturbing. Sexualizing gay people this way is designed to control them & minimize our worth.”

In response to the apology from Brzezinski, Grenell replied via Twitter: “accepting apologies is important. We all fail. But I don’t see that you’ve actually apologized to gays? Your words demean, mock and therefore try to control whole groups by minimizing our humanity. @morningmika”

Donald Trump, Jr., called out the double standard of MSNBC’s lack of response to date in contrast to the recent Oscar controversy, tweeting: “This is disgusting! How can @KevinHart4real essentially be forced to lose his Oscar’s gig for comments he made years ago as a comedian, but Mika can make a seriously homophobic slur on a major news station, have the network try to cover it up & its not an issue? Give me a break!”

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