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Without evidence, MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed that President Trump would refuse to peacefully concede if he were to lose the presidential race in 2020.

“He doesn’t have any intention of committing to a peaceful transition of power, and he’s got monarchists in his party who are willing to give up their authority, as Congress, they’re willing to give up all their authority in order to be obedient to him,” Reid said, according to a report by The Hill’s Joe Concha. “The liberal pundit and host made the remarks after The New York Times published a report on Saturday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has told associates she does not trust that Trump will respect the results of an election he loses unless he is overwhelmingly defeated.”

Reid’s guest suggested that in past eras, when there were fewer conservative media alternatives to the three big mainstream media television outlets with liberal bias — NBC, CBS, ABC — that this was a good thing, that fewer independent voices could be heard outside of those three large corporations and give voice to more Americans.

“Reid said such concerns were not unprecedented since there had been speculation that President Nixon would not leave office if impeached,” Concha reported. “’How much of a threat do you think there is of that now with this president?’ asked her guest, Jill Wine-Banks, a former prosecutor at the Department of Justice during the Watergate years when Nixon was nearly impeached.‘I think it’s a much bigger threat now for several reasons,’ Wine-Banks said. ‘One is the media has multiplied in a way that didn’t exist during Watergate. In Watergate, we had basically three networks and they all had the same facts. Now you have this awful thing where we have a bubble of people who believe facts that are totally made up.’”

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