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MSNBC showed clear bias in support of Democrat Joe Biden’s assessment of the Chinese government over President Donald Trump’s, ignoring the many experts who assess the national security and surveillance risk posed by the Chinese government, as well as the Chinese government’s extensive use of tariffs, unfair business practices and intellectual property theft.

“Biden offers welcome corrective to Trump narrative on China,” an MSNBC video from Morning Joe said.

“Former VP Joe Biden said that China was not an economic threat to the U.S., and the president pushed back saying that Biden was naive on China.”

During the segment, host Joe Scarborough called Biden’s assessment “Reagan-style optimism” and asked if it would be a “positive for him in the Democratic primary.”

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said it absolutely would be and said it was “ridiculous” that President Trump should be sounding the alarm against China, despite the Communist regime’s aggression in the South China Sea, its wildly ambitious “Belt and Road” initiative, murderous persecution of its Muslim and Falun Gong minorities.

Scarborough gave the false analogy of comparing China to Japan during the 1980s when many in the United States feared Japan. Yet the analogy doesn’t fit, given the vast population differential in China’s favor (Japan’s population is less than half that of the United States and China’s is more than four times the United States’) and the fact that Japan is a democracy that respects human rights and freedom of speech while China is a communist oligarchy.

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