Accuracy in Media

Sometimes the people do just get up and say the heck with it – the United States was founded by people who did just that against the British. What can be observed though is the way that the media so takes sides. We have two examples, the Black Lives Matter protests and this trucker convoy in Canada. 

MSNBC, for example, is claiming that the truckers are all part of a cult. Black Lives Matter though was entirely different – and entirely different from January 6 at the Capitol too: “Violence that is intended to spread democracy, end injustice and encourage fairness in the application of the rule of law has nothing in common with the wanton, anti-democratic riots of Jan. 6,” 

Or: “Black Lives Matter, Indigenous American, and more protest movements are threatened by the 81 new anti-protest laws that have been introduced nationwide, experts say.”

Violence in favor of things we approve of is threatened by laws against violence. But peaceful protest in favour of something we disapprove of is a cult. There’s journalistic objectivity for you.

MSNBC isn’t the only outlet doing this. Salon is against that peaceful Canadian protest: “Reporters and researchers have also pointed out that the convoy movement is inextricably tied to Canadian far-right groups, including members of radical, neo-Nazi-linked “accelerationist” networks, Holocaust deniers and supporters of the white nationalist Great Replacement theory, “sovereign citizen” types with quixotic plans to dissolve the Canadian government and, of course, QAnon adherents.” 

Sure, they might just say they’re against vaccine mandates but they’re really every sort of crazy mixed together. These are the people who did at least nineteen pages of pieces on BLM absolutely none of which even blinked an eyelid at the actual violence that ensued. 

The distinction being made here is that peaceful protest in favor of something disapproved of is bad, very bad, while violent protest in favor of something approved of is not just fine, it’s admirable. This is not journalistic objectivity, of course, this is propaganda. 

But then that’s where we are these days with all too many media outlets, Salon and MSNBC are only examples of this. We are being preached at rather than reported to.

We have to assume that the methodology is this – BLM was in part against President Donald Trump, Trump is a Republican, therefore the riots are good. Justin Trudeau is a progressive, therefore any opposition to his positions is bad.

One of the major problems we have with the media these days is that their thinking rarely goes beyond this.


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