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MSNBC Fails to Report Important Details Ahead of Christine Blasey Ford Testimony

MSNBC’s coverage leading up to the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, led by anchor Stephanie Ruhle, included no conversation about key facts that were missing from Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The entire MSNBC panel kept repeating that there were horrific charges against Brett Kavanaugh without mentioning, for example, that no eyewitnesses have confirmed the allegations by Ford. The MSNBC panel also didn’t mention that Ford’s allegation relies on secondhand therapist notes from 2012, with a major discrepancy: Ford says there were two other people in the room during the alleged assault, and the therapist says there were four people [1] involved. The MSNBC panel did not mention that neither two nor four — in fact, zero — eyewitnesses have confirmed the alleged assault occurred, and the secondhand notes evidence wouldn’t go far in the court of law since they don’t mention Kavanaugh.

“Credibility doesn’t actually establish all the facts,” Maya NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst said on the panel.“Ford is walking into that room of a lot of corroboration of aspects of her story of how he behaves. The Michael Avenatti aspects of that can help paper over there’s that type of corroboration about that behavior. Which in the context of someone who is going to be sitting on the Supreme Court does matter. Not necessarily whether there’s guilt in the criminal context but certainly in the terms of the character of somebody who is going to be sitting on the Supreme Court.”

The MSNBC panel also did not mention that the alleged incident took place in Maryland, where there is no statute of limitation [2] for felonies, and that Montgomery County police have said that if she filed a police report today, they would thoroughly investigate and potentially recommend charges. The MSNBC panel did not mention that Ford has declined to do so or that if she does choose to file a complaint, the MSNBC panel also didn’t mention that her report would fail to have an actual location or date of the alleged incident, which are key facts to establishing whether the allegation occurred.