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MSNBC political contributor attacked Attorney General William Barr, saying that somehow the nation’s top law enforcement official should go rogue and impede President Donald Trump’s policies. Heilemann also made the false assertion that opioids crisis has nothing to do with immigration.

In an appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s Deadline White House on MSNBC, Heilemann was critical of Barr’s appearance before Congress, and in the process ignored the evidence that if we secured our southern border properly we would stem the flow of illegal opioids that are killing Americans at record numbers.

“[Barr] basically said the way we’re going to solve the drug problem in America is to build the wall. Now forgetting about the illogical nature and the silliness of the notion that somehow the wall has anything to do with opioids, which is a domestic problem, not a foreign drug problem. Again ‘build the wall,’ is political talking points coming out of the attorney general’s office, not a legal point of view. and irrelevant to the question, as I said, of opioids.”

Illogically (and perhaps treasonously, though his words are more likely symptomatic of someone with “Trump derangement syndrome”), Heilemann said that an attorney general who supports his or her boss (did Heilemann ever encourage Eric Holder to go rogue against former President Obama?) is “a messed up place for the attorney general to be.”

“So suddenly, he’s not only parroting the president on issues relating to Mueller, he’s parroting the president across the range of political issues,” Heilemann said. “All making points that are at perfectly home on Sean Hannity’s broadcast. That speaks to the degree which, I said before, illustrates he’s not just a political actor in one area, he’s a fully armed, locked and loaded, advocate for the president across the range on political and policy matters, and that is a messed up place for the attorney general to be.”

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