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MSNBC’s Morning Joe relied on an unnamed “Republican insider” who attacked President Donald Trump without any accountability or a voice at the table to provide an alternative viewpoint. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough quoted the “Republican insider” whom Scarborough said “has quietly remained in the background so their firm could still get business in this age of Trump Republicanism.”
“He (Trump) is so despised on Capitol Hill,” the “Republican insider” told Scarborough.
“He is so despised by Republican governors across the country. He’s so despised by members of the House personally that it’s only a matter of time … that they start planning ahead for post-Trump Washington. And pretty soon they’re not going to take the slings and arrows for this guy because it’s proving to be a losing proposition.”
Fellow MSNBC host Willie Geist even acknowledged that the segment was relying on unnamed sources but did not acknowledge the irony of how this affects the relationship between the Republican “establishment” and grassroots voters.
“And we hear all the same things behind the scenes,” Geist said. “We hear all the same things off the record from Republicans and others. But we don’t hear it in public. We don’t hear it on the record. We still don’t see Republicans in the Senate or many in the House who are willing to step out and say the president was wrong.”
A study from the Associated Press and Associated Press Managing Editors of comments from 1,611 readers in 42 states asked respondents to describe how anonymous sources affect their trust in the news.
“Forty-four percent said anonymity makes them less likely to believe what they read,” an article with the study reported. “Editors should be willing to take the risk for an important report, readers said, holding the government and other powers accountable. But they cautioned that the only credibility at stake is the media’s: The more believable a newspaper has been in the past, the more likely readers are to accept its judgment on anonymity. But trust the wrong source, and the public will stop trusting you.”

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