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MSNBC’s Morning Joe cohosts showed clear bias against Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), allowing a fawning interview with McConnell challenger Amy McGrath that amounted to a blatant fundraising pitch for McGrath.

The interview started with an unfettered three minutes — an eternity in cable news — of McGrath’s campaign ad, full of sinister music juxtaposed with dark photos of McConnell, (and McGrath’s voice saying that McConnell has turned politics into “something we all despise”) complete with a call to action on how to donate to her campaign.


After the three minutes of propaganda, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski called the ad an “An incredible rollout,” setting the stage for anchor Mike Barnicle to seem to teeter on the edge of a Federal Election Commission violation: “So let’s cut to the chase, what’s your website? Because people who saw that commercial are going to want to donate to you. What’s your website?”

Morning Joe cohost Willie Geist offered no pushback when McGrath claimed that McConnell was blocking Trump’s agenda — a bizarre and Orwellian twist of logic when McConnell has been lauded by grassroots conservatives for helping push through Supreme Court judges, landmark tax reform and other victories–including a recent victory over the House Speaker Minority Leader for border funding.

None of the MSNBC hosts asked McGrath how she could appeal to the entire state of Kentucky when she failed to defeat a Republican U.S. House incumbent last year.

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